Otto is the new brand by Conti Valerio S.r.l., proposed as a point of reference, for people desirous of high quality-coffee grinders that stand out for their competitive, no-frills prices and excellent reliability.

Otto represents a great range for suppliers who want to promote the brand in their areas, taking advantage of a special relationship with us and becoming a preferred partner.

Otto guarantees excellence that, on one hand is designed to support the constant hard work of Conti Valerio S.r.l., in the design and production fields, and, on the other is devised to ensure standards of the highest quality.
The main Features and Benefit of the OTTO line products are:

  • High reliability, thanks to the die-cast aluminium body and the high quality of the raw materials;
  • High performance, thanks to the clump-crusher technology;
  • Easy to adjust, thanks to the stepless micrometric adjustment of the setting;
  • Easy to use, thanks to the user friendly interface of the electronic panel/board

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